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Implement Stacked Zoom Interviews

NOTE: To push updates on all Template notifications, view [Step 2 of Interview Type Modifications] playbook before modifying

Steps to Switch to Stacked Zoom Interviews:


  • Clone Funnel Step:
    • Duplicate the current funnel step for backup.
    • Rename the new step to “Directions (Zoom)” and the old step to “Directions (In-Person)”.

Update URL and Step Names:

  • Modify URLs:
    • Change the old page URL to free up “directions-1”.
    • Update the new Zoom directions page to “directions-1”.

Page Editing:

  • Insert Zoom Template:
    • Add a Zoom interview template from the section templates.
    • Remove unnecessary elements like images or in-person directions.
    • Add a paragraph element with custom value Z_interview_location_Z_01.

Update SEO Metadata:

  • SEO Settings:
    • Change the title to “Zoom Instructions”.
    • Update description to “View the instructions for the interview here.”

Custom Values:

  • Zoom Link:
    • Go to settings > custom values.
    • Insert the provided Zoom link into interview_location_02.

Calendar Configuration:

  • Create Zoom Calendar:
    • Duplicate the existing calendar and rename it “Zoom Interview”.
    • Adjust availability and settings as needed.
    • Use interview_location_02 for the Zoom link.

Template Updates:

  • Text and Email Templates:
    • Create separate templates for Zoom interviews.
    • Modify existing templates to include Zoom details:
      • Use custom value interview_location_02 for the Zoom link.
    • Ensure templates are updated for both English and Spanish if required.

Workflow Modifications:

  • Update Workflow Templates:
    • Replace existing templates with new Zoom templates in the core workflows.
    • Ensure all relevant notification templates reflect Zoom interview details.


  • Run Test Workflow:
    • Schedule a test Zoom interview.
    • Verify that the interview link and instructions are correctly sent to the applicant.
    • Check that all notifications are accurate and timely.
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