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Update New Workflow Template Verbiage for Different Interview Types

To update and implement the new templates for Zoom and Google Meet interviews, follow these steps:

Updating Core Workflow Templates:

  • Go to the agency level of WootCrew Hub.
  • Search for “template” in the account snapshots search box.
  • Select “global updated core workflows template v1.3.”
  • Click “update to linked locations.”

Adding Custom Fields:

  • Use Ctrl + F to find the sub-account you need (e.g., Northern Michigan).
  • Select the checkbox for the account and click “proceed.”
  • Expand the custom fields category and add the “interview type” field.

Updating Workflows:

  • Search and select “workflow” in the custom fields category.
  • Expand the category and add the necessary workflows.
  • For notifications, find and add the relevant core workflow.

Adding Templates:

  • Under marketing, expand “text and email templates.”
  • Look for templates with the video icon and “VIRTUAL” tag.
  • Select and import these templates.

Importing Snippets:

  • Go to the “Email Builder Templates” section.
  • Find and select snippets marked with the video icon and “VIRTUAL” tag.

Adding Section Templates:

  • Scroll down to “Section Templates.”
  • Select “Zoom Interview Instructions” and “Google Meet Interview Instructions.”

Checking for Conflicts:

  • Proceed to check conflicts.
  • If conflicts exist, like “Scheduled Interview Notifications,” override them to ensure updates are pushed through.

Testing Updates:

  • Open a separate tab for the sub-account and refresh to verify updates.
  • Under the “funnels” tab, edit the relevant funnel steps.
  • Replace the template for Zoom or Google Meet with the updated section templates.

Updating Surveys:

  • Go to the “Surveys” tab and open the job application.
  • Add the “interview type” custom field as hidden and set its value to “VIRTUAL.”
  • Save the changes.

Finalizing Automations:

  • Check the “core workflows” for the scheduled interview notifications.
  • Verify the virtual format, text, and email templates are properly imported.
  • Schedule a test interview to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Review and Confirmation:

  • Double-check automations to ensure correct notifications are sent.
  • Verify all templates and workflows are properly set up.
  • Inform the person in charge to review and approve the final setup.
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