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Our Terms of Use

What is WootRecruit?

We’re redefining recruitment for the service industry.

We go beyond traditional software, offering a program that’s proven to scale businesses effectively.

What You’re Invested In:

  1. Service: Our account management team works closely with you, ensuring personalized service.
  2. The Hub: Our innovative tool that drives speed and efficiency in the recruitment process.
  3. Proven Practices: Adopt practices trusted by over 500 companies. Designed to save time and money, these practices focus on leveraging applicant time for business growth.

What Makes WootRecruit Different?

  1. Tailored for Service-Based Industries: The First-Ever Recruitment Program Tailored Exclusively for the Service-Based Industry.
  2. More Than Filling Positions: It’s about enabling consistent growth and operational success.
  3. Applicant-Focused: Our methods are unconventional since they’re designed with the applicant in mind, but they’re the most effective for growth-minded companies looking for scalable systems.

***Note: It’s important to adhere to our process for optimal results, as deviating from it may affect the effectiveness of our system.***

Subscribing to or purchasing any WootRecruit service implies your agreement with the following policies. Contact us at if you have any questions.


When you purchase a WootRecruit subscription, we work with you to customize all of the advertisements, websites, and application processes for each position you need to fill. We aim to do this as quickly as possible and generally have your ads up and running within one week. Our ability to complete this process depends on how quickly you provide us with the necessary information. This includes fully completing the WootRecruit intake form, promptly returning all phone calls, providing proper supporting documentation that includes proof of a legitimate physical business address, as well as completing the purchase and set-up of your online advertising account.

We will be posting your ads on a third-party advertising platform, which WootRecruit will select for maximum impact. You will be responsible for setting up an account with the third-party provider and must add WootRecruit as a user, with full administrative access, including login abilities with two factor authentication.
This will allow us to closely monitor and manage your ads for optimum performance while maintaining your security.
Please note that WootRecruit subscription fees do not include the cost of any advertisements or advertising platform use fees, which must be paid directly to the third-party advertising platform.

Pricing Plans

WootRecruit’s pricing plan allows you to get just the services you need, and to customize your subscription as you grow.

The BASE plan includes:

  • 1 Hub User
  • Recruiting for 1 Position
  • Self Managed
  • Hosted w/ WootRecruit
  • High-Converting Application Funnels
  • Pre-Built Automations & Workflows
  • Dedicated Local Phone Number for Applicants
  • Forms: HR Drive

The GROW plan includes:

  • 2 Hub Users
  • Recruiting for 1 Position
  • Account Managmant
  • Hosted on your Domain
  • High-Converting Application Funnel
  • Pre-Built Automations & Workflows
  • Dedicated Local Phone Number for Applicants
  • Forms: HR Drive
  • Job Ad Creation Tool
  • Market Analysis
  • Core Monthly Trainings
  • 1 Location in 1 Market

The SCALE plan includes: 

  • 3 Hub Users
  • Recruiting for 2 Positions
  • SR Account Managment
  • Hosted on your Domain
  • High-Converting Application Funnels
  • Pre-Built Automations & Workflows
  • Dedicated Local Phone Number for Applicants
  • Forms: HR Drive
  • 2 Job Ad Creation Tool
  • 2 Market Analysis
  • Core Monthly Trainings
  • 1 Location in 1 Market
  • Ability to rotate position (setup fees apply)

The Multi Market Plan includes:

  • Everything in SCALE
  • 2 Weeks with Onboarding Specialist
  • Premium Support
  • 1 Office Location
  • Recruiting in Multiple Markets
  • Best for Fast Growing Companies
  • Multiple Satellite Locations

The Enterprise Plan includes:

  • Everything in SCALE
  • 2 Weeks with Onboarding Specialist
  • Premium Support
  • Multiple Office Locations
  • Recruiting in Multiple Locations
  • Best for Franchises
  • Companies w/ Multiple Managers

All subscriptions are billed monthly and may be canceled at any time with a 30-day notice.

A “position” is one job description in one ad language in one city location. There is no limit to the number of individual hires from each job position posting.

Additional job descriptions, ad languages, business locations, and recruiting locations are available by purchasing add-on options, if available. Costs for add-ons are in addition to the base subscription price. Add-ons may be purchased at any time, as long as the subscription remains active.

Plans do not include the costs of ad placement on third-party websites or platforms. Subscribers are encouraged to have active accounts on Facebook in order to use WootRecruit services. Any cost for those accounts is not included.

Preloading Credit System

Here’s how it works:

We automatically preload/charge your account with a specified amount of credits. This amount will sit in your account ready for use, acting as a buffer so your recruitment processes never have to skip a beat. The current default for preloaded credits are set at $25. To learn more and review the cost please visit Preloading Credit System


We require a valid credit card number for all subscriptions. By purchasing a WootRecruit subscription, you authorize WootRecruit to bill your credit card account for the set-up fee and for all monthly subscription fees unless you cancel. Your card will be charged once per month based on your subscription start date.

The date that you submit payment for your initial WootRecruit purchase is considered your “subscription start date.” Subscription Start Date (Grow Plan: 7 days after purchase, Scale Plan: 14 days after purchase – *not applicable in combination with deals or discounts)

For add-on plans purchased after the initial subscription start date, the add-on set-up fee will be charged in full the day the add-on plan is purchased, and the first add-on monthly fee will be charged on the same day on a prorated basis according to the subscription billing date. All subsequent add-on monthly fees will be charged in full on the regular billing date.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe 100% in our services and in the value of the WootRecruit Way. That’s why we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase our services and follow the WootRecruit Way guidelines but are unhappy with your results, you can cancel our service at any time within 30 days of the subscription start date, and we will reimburse you for the full cost of the subscription fees paid. The setup will not be reimbursed once work on the account has started.

Indeed Ad Spend Commitment

In our efforts to provide comprehensive and effective recruitment services, the following terms are applicable to all WootRecruit users utilizing Indeed as part of their hiring strategy:

  1. Minimum Ad Spend Requirement: Upon activation of our services (going live), you agree to a minimum daily ad spend of $5 on Indeed. This commitment ensures sufficient data collection and iterations to deliver optimal results. Consequently, the minimum monthly cost for this service is a range between $150-$200, unless otherwise specified based on performance requirements in your market.
  2. Commitment to Scalability: With an appropriate budget and full access to your Indeed account, WootRecruit commits to identifying a scalable recruitment path within the first two weeks of campaign initiation.
  3. Effectiveness of Organic Ads: Please note that “Organic” (Free) ads typically do not generate the necessary volume for most companies. After posting, WootRecruit will provide feedback on how to enhance your ad performance.
  4. User Acknowledgement: By incorporating WootRecruit into your hiring process, you acknowledge and agree that:
    • Independent Platform Costs: WootRecruit is not liable for any costs associated with third-party platforms, such as Indeed, which we manage on your behalf. These costs are determined independently by the platforms based on their supply and demand dynamics.
    • Client Responsibility: You are responsible for implementing recommendations provided by WootRecruit, offering competitive wages and a positive company culture, creating unique and legally compliant job ads, integrating an effective interview process, making unbiased hiring decisions aligned with your core values, and ensuring a transparent, supportive onboarding experience.
    • Interview Availability: Limited availability for interviews may restrict your applicant pool and impact hiring decisions.
    • Ad Spend Agreement: By needing to hire, you commit to a minimum Indeed ad spend range of $150-$200 per month, unless otherwise specified based on performance requirements in your market.

The WootRecruit Proven Process

WootRecruit’s Proven Process is a key component of the product you have subscribed to, directly influencing your company’s growth and scalability. This ensures effective recruiting and sustainable development with our unique approach. As a fundamental part of our service, it guarantees consistent success in hiring.

Adopting this process requires your company to assume specific responsibilities: adhering to best practices, maintaining a positive work culture, offering competitive compensation, creating appealing and legally compliant job advertisements, effectively integrating the interview process, making hiring decisions aligned with your company’s values, and providing a supportive onboarding experience. This commitment to the Proven Process is essential for leveraging the full potential of our partnership.

Market Share Policy

We understand the complexities of varying labor markets and the importance of avoiding market saturation. To ensure that each members receives optimal service without contributing to an oversaturated market, we actively monitor and assess market capacity for our specific services. We reserve the right to limit members intake per industry in any given labor market based on this assessment and performance objectives. In instances where a market reaches capacity, we offer a waitlist for prospective members. Interested parties can join this waitlist by completing the WootRecruit Waitlist Form.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations, whether for a full subscription or individual add-ons, must be made using our online cancellation form.

There will be no refunds after 30 days or if you are not eligible for the Satisfaction Guarantee.

After the first 30 days of your subscription, we require a 30-day notice to cancel.

Individual add-ons may also be canceled at any time, with 30-day notice. Cancellation of an add-on will not affect the base subscription or other add-ons.
Cancellation of an add-on will include deactivation and removal of any associated job ads and deactivation and removal of any associated recruitment websites.

Cancellation of a base subscription will include cancellation of all add-ons; deactivation and removal of all current job ads; deactivation and removal of recruitment websites; deactivation of the interview calendar and loss of access to WootRecruit-built calendar events, content, and notifications; and removal of access to WootRecruit Pro Facebook Group and related material including online classes and training.

If you cancel your subscription, reinstatement will be subject to market share availability and is not guaranteed.

Advertising Content Policy

By hiring WootRecruit to manage your job advertisements, you agree that WootRecruit is the owner of the language in said advertisements and all related application materials. While WootRecruit will write and post these advertisements on your behalf, each advertisement and the language therein remains the sole property of WootRecruit and you are not permitted at any time to copy, share, repost, or distribute said advertisements either in full or in part.

Copyright Policy

WootRecruit™ is a trademarked entity and all content on the WootRecruit website is considered property of WootRecruit. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of content on this site without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. This is enforced through periodic scans of other websites. If copied content is identified through such a scan or other means, it will be reported to search engines and hosting services for immediate removal and will be subject to legal action.

Privacy Policy

In order to provide our services, WootRecruit will necessarily be given access to sensitive information about your business, your employees, and potential employees. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our members, their employees, and any potential employees who respond to the ads that we manage.

We may share aggregate data about WootRecruit members, including trends and statistics, with you and other WootRecruit members through our private Facebook Group, but we will not share or sell proprietary or identifying data about your business, your employees, or applicant information with anyone unless required to do so by law.