Your Vision Is Our Mission

At WootRecruit, we are driven by a singular purpose: to create a ripple effect of success and growth that reaches far beyond our immediate sphere. We believe in the power of impact, and we’ve made it our mission to touch as many lives as possible. How do we achieve this? By empowering owners and founders to not just succeed, but to excel, and in doing so, enable their teams to make a significant impact on the world.

Our vision of success is a world where:

  • Business owners are free from stress, able to focus on what truly matters: innovation, growth, and the well-being of their teams.
  • The notion of 100-hour work weeks without direction is a thing of the past. We envision a world where service businesses scale efficiently and sustainably.

At WootRecruit, we don’t just provide a service; we act as trusted advisors for these owners. Through our comprehensive programs, we guide them on their journey to rapid scaling, hiring excellence, and the creation of a lifestyle that not only supports their business ambitions but also brings them joy and fulfillment.

We are not just a recruiting software platform; we are a partner in growth, a beacon of support, and a catalyst for transformation. We are here to change the game for service businesses, one successful hire at a time. Together, we are WootRecruit – a thriving, dynamic, and unstoppable force dedicated to making a difference.

Join us as we redefine success and create a future where every service business can reach its full potential.

About the Founder, Libby DeLucien

Libby DeLucien is the founder and CEO of WootRecruit, the premier recruiting software for service businesses worldwide. She’s a serial entrepreneur, a passionate leader, an investor, an author, service business owner and a dedicated family woman.

Libby is a seasoned veteran in the service industry, having founded multiple companies, including Organize It, and WootRecruit. Since founding WootRecruit, she has guided over 750 service business owners, helping them scale their businesses with confidence. On average, WootRecruit’s clients have seen their Monthly Recruiting 10x within six months.

Beyond her role at WootRecruit, Libby is a thought leader in the industry, often sharing her insights and experiences through speaking engagements and her writings. Her podcast, which focuses on the crucial topics of recruiting and company culture, serves as a valuable resource for the business world.

To learn more about Libby, invite her to speak at your next event, or find out about her podcast, please visit her personal website.

What Drives Us

At WootRecruit, our aim is to assist 5,000 service business owners in expanding their businesses beyond their wildest dreams, creating a significant impact that resonates through their teams and into the world.

Our objectives for you as part of WootRecruit:

  • Streamline your recruitment process, eliminating the need for 100-hour work weeks spent on hiring.
  • Provide clear and effective leadership within your organization, particularly in your HR and recruitment departments.
  • Reduce stress by simplifying and optimizing your hiring process.
  • Instill confidence in every hiring decision you make, ensuring you attract and retain the best talent.
  • We share your vision of a flourishing business, successful hires, and a thriving team!

Our core values guide and influence every decision we make:

  1. We Help our Customers Grow
  2. We are Always improving
  3. We are Open & Honest
  4. We Succeed Together
  5. We Get Things Done
  6. We Give Back
  7. We are Kind

These values are the pillars of our organization and the driving force behind our commitment to you and your business’s success.

Meet the Leadership Team

Libby DeLucien


Chris DeLucien