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Setting up Additional Positions and Tagging Applicants in Workflows

Here’s how to set up an additional position or a different setup for a customer and tag it with the appropriate position:

  • Navigate to Automations:
    • Go to the specific sub-account.
    • Click on the Automations tab.
    • Click into the Workplace tab.
    • Under Custom Workflows, click on the relevant workflow (e.g., “Tag Position Applied”).
  • Modify Trigger Conditions:
    • Ensure the trigger is set to “Contact is Changed”.
    • Confirm the trigger condition shows “Application Page has Changed”.
  • Adjust Application Page Source:
    • Click into the condition and modify it.
    • Locate “Application Page Source” and ensure it matches the specific position (e.g., /house-cleaner).
    • If necessary, add a new segment:
      • Use Control + F to find “Last Page Source”.
      • Scroll down and select “Last Page Source contains”.
      • Input the specific URL path for the position (e.g., /house-cleaner).
  • Add Position Tag:
    • Under Add Tag, input the relevant position tag (e.g., “House Cleaner”).
    • If the tag doesn’t exist, click “Add New Tag” and create it.
    • Save the action to ensure the tag is applied.
  • Publish Workflow:
    • Review the workflow to ensure it’s correctly set up.
    • Publish the workflow to activate the tagging automation.

Follow these steps to effectively tag applicants based on their application position, ensuring accurate tracking and organization.

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