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Add Second Interviews in the WR Hub

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STEP 1: Snapshots/Automations/Calendars

To implement a second interview flow to a sub-account, follow these concise steps. Make sure no current notifications or automations are overlapping:

Set Up Account Snapshot

  • Go to the agency level of the hub.
  • Click into the Account Snapshots section.
  • Type “template” in the search field.
  • Pull in the global template to the sub-account.
  • Click Update to Linked Locations.
  • Use Ctrl+F to find the sub-account (e.g., “Nest Made Fresh”).
  • Select and proceed.

Import Assets

  • Custom Fields: Search for “interview type” in the custom fields dropdown. Select it.
  • Tags: Search for “second interview tag” under tags. Select it.
  • Workflows: Search for “second interview tag” in workflows. Select it. Search for “scheduled interview notifications” and select it.

Check for Conflicts

  • Click Proceed to Check Conflicts.
  • Verify no conflicts will overwrite necessary workflows.
  • Confirm with the assigned account manager if needed.
  • Type “confirm” and proceed.

Update Calendar

  • Refresh the tab for the sub-account.
  • Go to the Calendars tab.
  • Create a new calendar for the second interview (e.g., “In-Person Interview”).
  • Update the calendar name and location (merge tag: interview_location_02).
  • Set a unique event color.
  • Adjust availability if needed.
  • Save calendar settings.
  • Deactivate and reactivate the calendar to ensure it processes correctly.

Update Custom Values

  • Go to Custom Values in the settings.
  • Find and edit “interview_location_02” to the new address.
  • Verify the address pulls correctly in searches.
  • Update and save.

Update Directions Page


  • Go to Sites and click the application funnel.
  • Clone the directions funnel step.
  • Rename it to “Directions (Second Interview)“.
  • Update the URL to “directions-1-si“.
  • Edit the cloned step to replace the zoom template with the in-person template.
  • Ensure the merge tag references interview_location_02.
  • Update SEO metadata if needed.
  • Publish changes.

Update Automations

  • Go to the Automations section.
  • Find and edit the Second Interview Tag workflow.
  • Set the trigger to the new calendar.
  • Ensure the contact field updates correctly.
  • Publish the workflow.
  • Navigate to Scheduled Interview Notifications in core workflows.
  • Ensure a branch for the second interview is set up.
  • Copy actions like “wait till interview” and “remove currently scheduled tag” to the second interview branch.
  • Save changes.

Final Check

  • Test the workflows to ensure everything functions correctly.
  • Confirm that the new calendar link and automation flows work as intended.

STEP 2: New Funnel/WootSuite Tools/Calendar Links

Follow these steps to ensure everything is configured correctly:

Calendar Settings:

  1. Go to Settings in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click on the Calendars tab.
  3. Select the relevant calendar (e.g., In-Person Interview Calendar).
  4. Click the three dots menu and choose Edit.
  5. Navigate to Forms and Payments > Confirmation Page.
  6. Select Redirect URL and enter the URL for the second interview directions page.
  7. Save your changes.

Website and Dashboard Links:

  1. Go to the Website section.
  2. Under WootSuite Tools, click Edit.
  3. Scroll to Office Resources and click Add Item.
  4. Title the item SECOND INTERVIEW.
  5. Link to the scheduling page URL you copied from the calendar settings.
  6. Enable Open in New Tab and Submit.

Funnel Creation:

  1. Go to Sites > Funnels.
  2. Create a new funnel by cloning the Relevant funnel.
  3. Name the new funnel Second Interview and confirm.
  4. Remove unnecessary steps: delete Apply Now and any other irrelevant pages.

Final Configuration:

  1. Go back to the second interview funnel.
  2. Edit the Schedule Your Interview step.
  3. Go to Publishing and update the step name to Schedule-SI or Second-Interview.
  4. Repeat for the Directions page.
  5. In Settings, assign the correct domain and update the path to second-interview.
  6. Confirm all URLs and publishing settings are correct.

Final Checks:

  1. Ensure all links are correct and functional.
  2. Inform the account manager of the updates and share the new links for testing.
  3. Double-check the calendar’s Forms and Payments section to confirm the correct confirmation page URL.

If there are any issues, review the steps or contact your account manager for further assistance.

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