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[CORE] Add-On: Multi-Interview Setup

Preparing Your Interview Types:

  1. Create Direction Pages: Under funnels, set up separate direction pages for in-person (default as directions-1) and Zoom (directions-1-Zoom).
  2. Template Setup: Utilize the multi-interview section template under section templates. This template will accommodate various interview types such as in-person, Zoom, and phone.
  3. Calendar Configuration:
    • Ensure in-person and Zoom calendars are hidden by default in the page layout under the four column row, first column.
    • Set default calendar types appropriately for each interview type.
    • For changes in interview types, update the calendar page settings accordingly.

Linking and Tagging:

  1. Custom Value Merge Tag: Assign distinct tags for in-person and Zoom in the location settings to manage links effectively.
  2. Form Management:
    • Update forms to include options for in-person and virtual interviews. Ensure the correct interview type is tagged hidden.
    • Set default direction pages for each form (e.g., /directions-1 for in-person and /directions-1-Zoom for virtual).

Finalizing Settings:

  1. Redirect Actions: Use ‘Action from Calendar Builder’ for redirect actions to ensure smooth transition between different interview types.
  2. Review and Test: Double-check all settings and conduct test schedules for each interview type to ensure everything functions as expected.
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