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Retroactively Updating Applicant Tags

To retroactively update applicant tags based on how they applied, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Sub-Account and Applications Tab
    • Go to the specific sub-account.
    • Click on the “Applications” tab.
  2. Create or Update Smart Lists
    • Click on “More Filters.”
    • Type “Source” in the search field and select it.
    • Enter the source format, e.g., “job 01,” and click “Apply.”
    • Adjust the list as needed.
    • Click “Save as Smart List” and name it appropriately (e.g., “job 01 – Cleaning Technicians”).
  3. Manage Smart Lists
    • Make the list public by managing the smart list options.
    • Ensure the smart list is global if needed by clicking the link icon and selecting “Share with all users.”
  4. Update Applicant Tags
    • Select the relevant smart list (e.g., “job 01 – Cleaning Technicians”).
    • Check the box above all applicant names to select all records.
    • Click the “Add Tag” icon.
    • Add the specific position tag (e.g., “Cleaning Technician”).
    • Provide an action description (e.g., “Update retroactively for Cleaning Technicians”).
    • Click “Add” to stamp all contacts with the tag.
  5. Repeat for Other Positions
    • Repeat the steps for other positions, adjusting the source format (e.g., “job 02” for rental cleaners).
  6. Search and Verify Tags
    • In the candidate pipeline, search for positions based on tags.
    • Ensure the correct spelling of tags for accurate results.

Caution: Ensure to clear the search field when not in use to avoid filtering issues for future applicants.

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