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[CORE] Updating Interview Locations 🔄

Update Calendar/User/Custom Value/Merge Tags/Pages/Surveys

  1. Update [Custom Value]: update the interview directions custom value if needed to reflect the updates
  2. Copy [Custom Value] merge tag: Navigate to the “Custom Values” section, find the interview location, and copy the {{ custom_values.z__interview_location_01 }} or relevant merge tag .
  3. Update [Calendar Location]: Go to the calendar, edit the meeting details, paste the merge tag as the interview location, and click save.
  4. Update [User Location]: In the “My Staff” section, select the user, go to the [User Availability] section, and paste the merge tag in the custom area to ensure uniformity across profiles.
  5. Check [🔌 Tag Position Applied] Workflow: Verify that the account has the updated workflow (see playbook here) and interview type is reflected correctly in automation flows. Ensure that custom workflows and notifications are updated (see playbook here) with the new standards.
  6. Update [Application Survey]: Confirm that surveys are aligned with updated automation flows (see playbook here)
  7. Check [Directions Page] SEO Meta Data: Edit the SEO metadata on the directions page to include the correct business name, description, and social image with the updated merge tag.
    • Title: Instructions | {{}}
    • Description: View the instructions for the interview here!
    • Social Image: {{ custom_values.logo_image_url }}
  8. Check [Directions Page] Video Merge Tag: ensure the directions are formatted correctly with the proper merge tag for {{ custom_values.youtube_video_3__directions }}
  9. Publish Updates: After making all necessary updates, click publish to apply changes.
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