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[CORE] Push Snapshot Updates (Notifications+Workflows)

When updating [interview type] or [additional positions], the following should be checked and pushed if not up to date.

  • Check for [Personalization] First: Check if account already has personalization in Notifications or Workflows (IE: activated or modified)
  • Push [Snapshot]: Make sure to push the following in the snapshot to update what’s needed
  • Update [🔌 Tag Position Applied] Workflow: Make sure to follow the Playbook here
  • Update [Application Survey]: Remove hidden fields to reflect new standard + Update submission merge tags
    • On Submit: {{ custom_values.z__job_01__url__calendar_page }}
    • Disqualify: {{ custom_values.z__job_01__url__thank_you_page }}
  • Test [Apply] and [Schedule]: Confirm that tags are being properly applied and notification types are accurate
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