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[CORE] New Build/Additional Position Process Changes 🔄

Updating Account and Position Processes in Workflows

IMPORTANT: Make sure every account update or new position addition follows this new process to maintain consistency and accuracy. (View Update Here)

Workflow [🔌 Tag Position Applied] :

  1. Make sure Workflow is up to date: Updated workflows should have:
    • Trigger: [Contact Changed] > [Last Page Source] Has Changed
    • All 10 [Application] Branches (View Playbook Here)
    • [Update Application Pages] Action
    • [Update Interview Type] Action
    • [Add Tag] Action
    • [Secondary Branches] for multi-location landing pages (View Playbook Here)
  2. Verify Triggers: Check that the trigger ‘Last Page Source Has Changed’ is correctly set.

Application Survey Format:

  1. No Hidden Fields: Ensure there are no hidden fields
  2. [On Submit] Merge Tags: Keep existing merge tags in place , only modifying them for specific position numbers.
  3. CSS Updated: Follow playbook here to update the CSS footer to fix issues with CSS breaking brackets.

Final Checks Must Be Done:

  1. Push Template Snapshot update if necessary to ensure the workflow is fully up to date, especially in custom values and tags.
  2. Test Application by applying
  3. Review [Tags], [Source], & [Interview Type] Custom Fields in Contact Profile to make sure tags and application pages are being correctly applied
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