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Advanced Tag Branches for Multiple Landing Pages (Tag Position Workflow)

This playbook will help you systematically update and manage application submissions across different city-specific pages.

Steps to Configure Advanced Tag Branches:

  1. Create Branches:
    • Break down your application page into city-specific sections.
    • For each city, create a branch in your tagging system to handle specific landing pages.
  2. Set Conditions:
    • In each branch, set a default condition using the application selector.
    • Add segments to search for the last page source and include a URL slug that matches your city-specific base.
  3. Track Locations:
    • Ensure each branch is designed to granularly track application submissions for its respective city.
  4. Duplicate and Customize:
    • For new city branches, duplicate an existing branch rather than creating from scratch to save effort.
    • Modify the branch name and the associated URL for each specific city.
  5. Update Tags:
    • In each branch, update or add new tags relevant to the city.
    • Use the ‘contains’ operator to refine searches to the specific page source for each city.
  6. Save and Publish:
    • After configuring each branch, save the changes to update the workflow.
    • Ensure all modifications are published to reflect in the live system.
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