What Clear Boundaries Can Do for Your Business

Your relative is your coworker? Let’s set some expectations

When hiring, whether it’s friends or family, clear boundaries are crucial. While speaking with Chelsea Wood, owner of a cleaning company, she shared struggles between personal relationships and professional roles. She spoke about how hiring friends might seem easy but often complicates things. It’s tough to be a boss to a friend if expectations aren’t clear from the start. Chelsea learned that treating family differently in business can lead to unfair expectations. She shared her own example of expecting more from her ex-husband because of their relationship.

Separate chats for a happy life

Managing professional and personal lives when working together requires effective communication. Chelsea mentioned the importance of separating work communication from personal chats. Using different platforms for different types of communication helps. For instance, using work emails for professional discussions and personal texts for family chats keeps interactions appropriate and timely. This clear distinction guarantees that personal time isn’t overrun by work-related conversations.

Professional boundaries

In high-turnover industries, it’s essential to establish professional boundaries and maintain team unity. Referring to team members as ‘teammates’ rather than ‘friends’ sets a more professional tone. This approach creates a supportive environment without blurring personal and professional lines. Chelsea found that viewing work relationships as team-based rather than friendship-based helped maintain professional integrity and mutual respect.

Remember, effective team management in high-turnover sectors isn’t just about hiring; it’s about creating an environment where clear communication and defined roles lead to better business results.

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