Should you hire a relative in your business?

The Challenge of Mixing Business and Family

Kathy Merchant, owner of Calico Cleaning, joined a recent discussion on the difficulties of hiring family and friends. Kathy shared her personal journey, explaining that despite the appeal, mixing family with business often complicates relationships. She now believes in keeping personal and professional lives separate, an approach that came from learning the hard way. The decision came after several business interactions with family members led to unnecessary stress and strain on family dynamics.

Setting Clear Boundaries

The importance of clear boundaries came up as a central theme. Both Kathy and other business owners find that defining professional roles for family members is crucial. For instance, addressing a family member by their first name in a professional setting, rather than using familial terms, can help establish a more formal relationship. This practice helps maintain professional respect and clarity, which can be key in a business environment.

Long-Term Business Relationships

Kathy emphasized a significant learning experience involving her daughter-in-law, which unfortunately led to lasting personal and professional fallout. This example showcased the potential risks when family members cannot meet business expectations or handle constructive criticism. Kathy advises that business owners should carefully consider the relationship and its dynamics before bringing relatives into the business fold.

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