Can Personal Touch Transform Employee Retention?

Building a Something in a Pandemic

Starting a business during tough times, like Kimberle did with her residential cleaning company in Broward County, shows real grit. Launching in the thick of COVID, she not only opened doors but also paved a new path for herself and her employees. The early days brought their own set of challenges, especially in hiring. Like many new business owners, Kimberle struggled with desperation hires, quickly filling positions to keep the business moving.

Adapting Strategies

Learning from early mistakes is extremely important. Kimberle realized that being way too generous or acting too much like a ‘mom’ to her employees didn’t always yield the best results. It led to a significant shift in her approach to employee gifts and rewards. Practical, thoughtful gifts like gas cards or massage gift cards showed her team that she understood and appreciated their hard work without overstepping personal boundaries. This subtle change helped strengthen her relationship with her team, showing care in a way that resonated with them.

Building Culture

Building a positive workplace culture goes beyond simple acts of kindness. It involves understanding what truly matters to employees. Kimberle started focusing more on what her employees valued. This approach allowed her to modify her management style and the rewards she offered, ensuring they were both meaningful and appreciated. Interviews also became a tool not just to fill positions but to match the company’s dynamics with the right personalities. This strategic alignment helped reduce turnover and foster a supportive environment.

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