What are some common mistakes made during the hiring process?

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Welcome back. I’m Libby DeLucien, the force behind WootRecruit, the only recruiting program designed specifically for the high turnover industries like cleaning, lawn care, construction. If you’re a service -based business, we are your go-to solution.

In the latest episode, we sit down with Martha Woodward, co-founder of Quality Driven Software, to dive deep into the world of hiring, employee management, and cultivating a strong business culture. Their insights reveal how businesses, especially in high turnover industries, can transform hiring challenges into opportunities for growth.

Identifying the Need for a Solution

Both Libby and Martha recognized early in their entrepreneurial journeys the critical gaps in the hiring and employee management processes within their respective industries. Libby developed WootRecruit, a recruitment software tailored for high turnover industries, out of necessity to streamline the hiring process. Similarly, Martha co-founded Quality Driven Software in response to the quality and employee engagement challenges she faced in her cleaning business. These initiatives were not mere business ventures but solutions to real-world problems they encountered daily.

The Pitfalls of Hiring Based on Personality

A common mistake in the early stages of hiring is prioritizing personality over compatibility and skill. Martha candidly shared her initial approach of hiring almost anyone who showed a semblance of interest, often leading to a mismatch between the employee’s capabilities and the company’s needs. This method, while seemingly effective in filling vacancies quickly, often results in long-term issues, such as poor performance and a negative impact on company culture.

The Importance of Systematic Hiring and Onboarding

Transitioning from emotion-driven hiring to a structured and objective process is crucial. Libby and Martha emphasize the significance of having set questions, scoring systems, and a comprehensive onboarding process to mitigate the subjectivity in hiring decisions. Quality Driven Software’s experience in integrating challenging scenarios during training sessions to evaluate candidates’ reactions is a testament to the effectiveness of innovative onboarding strategies. These tactics help uncover unteachable traits such as attitude, character, and drive, which are indispensable for maintaining a positive and productive workplace culture.

Quick Integration and Faster Separation

One key takeaway from Martha’s journey is the realization that no hiring process is infallible. Mistakes are inevitable, but the ability to recognize and rectify these errors quickly minimizes their impact. Both leaders advocate for swift action in separating from employees who do not meet the company’s standards, thereby safeguarding the business’s integrity and culture. This approach underscores the need for measurables and clear benchmarks to assess employee performance objectively.

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence

The creation of a nurturing yet rigorous work environment is pivotal. Through their respective businesses, Libby and Martha have illustrated that setting high standards for hiring and continuous employee evaluation fosters a culture of excellence. Transparency with existing staff about hiring practices reinforces the value placed on quality and dedication, further motivating employees to uphold these ideals.


Building a successful team in any service-based industry requires more than just filling positions. It demands a meticulous approach to recruitment, a commitment to maintaining high standards, and an unwavering focus on nurturing a positive company culture. The experiences shared by Libby DeLucien and Martha Woodward offer a blueprint for achieving excellence in hiring and employee management. As we navigate the complexities of the service industry, let these insights guide us toward creating teams that not only meet but exceed our expectations.

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