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Retroactively Tag Complex Conditions (and create Smartlists)

Setting Up Your Smartlist Filters:

  1. Create Initial Filter:
    • Set your first filter so that the last page source contains exactly “House Cleaner”.
    • Ensure the last page source does not contain “House Cleaner Trainer” to avoid any overlap.
  2. Refining the Filter:
    • Use the contains exactly option to match exact phrases or words like “house-cleaner”.
    • If adding conditions, remember to include phrases such as “house-cleaner-trainer” only if needed.
  3. Exclude Specific Entries:
    • Apply a second filter to exclude entries containing “house-cleaner-trainer” in their URL. This step ensures that only the necessary data is included without any extraneous information.
  4. Review and Save:
    • Double-check the filters to ensure they match your requirements.
    • Save the smartlist once you confirm the settings align with your needs.
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