The Secret to Retention in Service-Based Businesses

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it’s Libby from WootRecruit, your trusted recruiter specializing in high-turnover industries such as cleaning, landscaping, lawn care, construction, roofing, and more. Whether you’re in the service-based sector or any related industry, this YouTube channel is designed for you. WootRecruit offers the first-ever recruitment program exclusively tailored for service-based businesses, aiming to revolutionize your hiring process into a growth engine. Stay tuned to transform your recruitment strategies.

We recently hosted Summer Abram, CEO and co-owner of Maids & More, to delve deep into the significance of culture in recruitment and retention. Summer, with 14 years of experience under her belt and a co-developer of a startup software, brought valuable insights into creating a workplace culture that not only attracts but retains top talent.

The Invisible Glue of Culture

Culture, often intangible, plays a pivotal role in both attracting and retaining employees. It’s about creating an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and integral to the team’s success. Transforming a company’s culture to curb negativity and promote a supportive, family-like atmosphere has shown to significantly improve employee morale and retention. This involves making tough decisions to part ways with individuals who do not align with the company’s core values, thereby preserving team integrity.

Core Values: The Foundation

Core values are not just words on a wall but the very foundation upon which successful companies build their teams. Aligning recruitment, retention, and promotions with these core values ensures the attraction and retention of individuals who truly fit into the company’s culture. This alignment is crucial for maintaining a strong, cohesive team committed to the company’s mission.

Continuous Recruitment: A Strategic Approach

Adopting a continuous recruitment strategy is essential in the high turnover environment. The philosophy of “Hire five, keep one” reflects the reality that not all hires will be a perfect fit, but a persistent effort in recruitment will yield the right team members over time. Employee referrals have proven to be a highly effective method in this process, enhancing the quality of hires and promoting a sense of responsibility among current employees.

Leadership and Effective Communication

The style of leadership and methods of communication are critical in maintaining and nurturing a company’s culture, especially in operations spread across multiple locations or those managed remotely. A balanced leadership approach that combines empathy with accountability fosters a supportive yet disciplined environment. Utilizing modern communication tools and organizing regular team-building activities help keep everyone connected and engaged, fostering a strong sense of community.


Teamwork, especially in field operations, can significantly impact retention rates. It helps mitigate feelings of isolation and burnout among employees, enhancing job satisfaction and loyalty. A team-oriented approach, coupled with effective onboarding and continuous support, ensures that new hires integrate seamlessly into the company culture, contributing to a positive work environment.

In conclusion, these innovative strategies in recruitment and culture have proven to be highly effective for businesses operating in industries with traditionally high turnover rates. By prioritizing culture, aligning with core values, adopting a continuous recruitment mindset, and fostering effective communication and teamwork, businesses can attract and retain the talent necessary for their success and growth.

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