Should You Hire Because They Seem Nice?

Biggest Hiring Mistakes

Laura Natoli, a cleaning business owner in Long Island, NY, shared her hiring experiences with us. In the past, Laura hired anyone who seemed nice and showed up. Limited options forced her to hire out of desperation, often leading to bad hires. She learned the hard way that hiring just anyone was not the solution.

Balancing Field Work and Recruitment

Balancing field work with recruitment was a major struggle for Laura . After cleaning all day, she spent evenings calling candidates who often didn’t fit the job or didn’t show up for interviews. This approach wasted time and energy. Now, she books shorter, more focused interviews and hires for integrity rather than just skills. This shift has greatly improved her hiring process.

Building Company Culture

Laura’s shift from desperate hiring to selective hiring transformed her company culture. Her employees are now reliable, good-intentioned, and love their work. Observing candidates from the moment they walk in and asking unique questions helps identify high-integrity individuals. She emphasizes the importance of learning social cues to make better hiring decisions.

Laura uses Discord to maintain communication with her team. Regular gatherings and celebrations help build a connected and motivated workforce. These changes have not only improved the quality of hires but also the overall work environment.

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