Are Morals More Important than Qualifications?

Hiring Challenges

Recently, we had the chance to chat with Holly Silva, a seasoned entrepreneur who co-owns a cleaning company in New York. Holly shared some valuable insights into the hiring landscape, especially in industries where turnover rates are notably high.

One key takeaway from our discussion was the concept of the “biggest hiring mistake.” Early in her business, Holly’s company made the common error of hiring just about anyone. They weren’t selective, leading to a myriad of issues down the line. Holly emphasized the importance of being more selective and knowing what you are looking for in a candidate from the start.

Recruitment Strategy

The conversation shifted towards effective recruitment strategies, specifically the concept of “the bench”—a pool of potential hires you can draw from when needed. This strategy has proven invaluable. It’s all about keeping the hiring pipeline full, even when you might not have immediate openings. This approach helps to manage and even lower employee turnover significantly.

Maintaining a bench has transformed Holly’s recruitment process, making it smoother and more efficient. This method ensures that there’s always someone ready to step in, reducing the time and cost associated with finding new employees.

Continuous Improvement

During our conversation, Holly shared some effective strategies for managing a mostly remote team. Communication is key, and using platforms like Discord can make a huge difference. These online tools help keep everyone connected and ensure that praise and feedback are delivered promptly, which is crucial for maintaining morale and company culture.

Additionally, focusing on hiring for integrity over skill has been a game-changer for her business. It allows for alignment with the company’s values and has ensured that new hires are a good fit for the team long-term.

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