Crafting Winning Interviews with Kelly Ross

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it’s Libby DeLucien, your host at WootRecruit, the ultimate recruiting program tailored for the high turnover service-based industry. Today, I’m thrilled to bring you an insightful conversation with Kelly Ross, a specialist in culture and hiring. We’ll be delving into the intricacies of recruiting, shedding light on the importance of the interview process and the impact it has on building a thriving team.

Let me kick things off by reminding you of the essence of WootRecruit – the first-ever recruitment program exclusively designed for service-based businesses in cleaning, lawn care, landscaping, construction, and roofing. Our mission is to turn recruiting into a growth engine for your business.

Introducing Kelly Ross

Now, let’s welcome our special guest, Kelly Ross. She’s a culture and hiring specialist with a wealth of experience in helping companies enhance their office culture and refine their hiring processes. Kelly has some invaluable insights to share on why hiring the right people is crucial for creating a stable and committed workforce.

The Who of Hiring

Kelly and I dive into a crucial aspect of the hiring process – who should be conducting interviews. She emphasizes the significance of the interviewer being a genuine enthusiast for the job and embodying the company’s values, whether it’s the owner or a hired professional.

Transforming the Interview Process

Our conversation shifts to the interview process, with Kelly highlighting key qualities that interviewers should possess. She underlines the importance of high energy, a genuine smile, and a belief in the fantastic opportunities WootRecruit provides. According to Kelly, interviewing is essentially a sales job – selling the company to potential employees.

Reigniting the Owner’s Passion

We discuss scenarios where business owners might be feeling burnt out or disengaged. Kelly shares her approach to reigniting passion and encourages owners to focus on tasks other than hiring. She suggests finding the right person within the organization or investing in hiring a dedicated individual for the role.

Making Interviews Engaging

Kelly provides insights into making interviews engaging, interactive, and even fun. We discuss the significance of setting a professional tone, being detailed in the process, and carefully choosing words and energy during interviews.

The Impact of Interviewers

Our conversation underscores the significant impact interviewers have on potential candidates. The verbiage, energy, and overall conduct during interviews set the tone for the company culture. Kelly and I stress the importance of choosing the right person for the role of an interviewer to attract candidates who resonate with the WootRecruit’s core values.

Wrapping up, I express my gratitude to Kelly for sharing her expertise. If you enjoyed this conversation, don’t forget to subscribe to the WootRecruit YouTube channel for more weekly insights into all things recruiting. This discussion is a valuable resource for service-based industry owners seeking to enhance their hiring strategies and create a positive, growth-oriented work environment.

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