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UPDATE [Funnels]: Directions Pages for all Interview Types


  • Template Funnel Snapshot / New Accounts will now include pre-built directions pages for every type
  • Depending on the type of setup, Replace funnel with appropriate directions page:
    • Click [Publishing] for the “Directions (In Person)” funnel step
    • Change [/directions-1] to [/directions-1-in-person]
    • Drag and drop appropriate directions page directly below “Schedule Your Interview” page
    • Change URL Slug to [/directions-1] to make it primary
    • Verify {{ custom_values.z__interview_location_01 }} is correct on the directions page
      • otherwise replace merge tag with appropriate (IE: {{ custom_values.z__interview_location_02 }} )
      • Highlight and Update linked URL to the appropriate merge tag
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