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Bulk Import Stored Applications into [ARM: WootRecruit] Subaccount

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Prepare and Download Files
    • Access your designated AWS Bucket URL here for application storage.
    • Select each application or CSV file individually and click download. Ensure you save them in a predetermined folder for application exports.
  2. Organize Downloaded Files
    • After downloading, use the shift-click method to select multiple files to keep organized.
    • Move selected files to a separate folder labeled “Imported” in your S3 Bucket to track completed tasks. This is essential as new exports are received daily.
  3. Bulk Import and Merge Files (with ChatGPT-4)
    • Open your folder with downloaded files. Drag and drop up to 10 files at a time for processing.
    • Submit the prompt request using the Prompt below in ChatGPT for merging. Monitor for any language discrepancies in file content.
  4. Download and Verify Merged Files
    • Once processed, download the merged file. Double-check the merged content for accuracy.
  5. Import Processed Files into WootRecruit
    • In WootRecruit, navigate to the [ARM: WootRecruit] subaccount contacts tab here and select the import button.
    • Drag and drop the processed Excel file. Match fields correctly (e.g., Position, Location) during the import setup.
    • Confirm consent and submit. Monitor the upload status in bulk actions.


Can you please help me clean up these 10 excel file by deleting all columns except for the following and provide me a .csv file? They can be merged into 1 file since they are all formatted the same. Also please remove all rows that are blank

COLUMNS to keep contain the following headers in the first rows:
‘Company Name’
‘Indeed Apply Location’
‘Name (First)’
‘Name (Last)’
‘Cell Phone’
‘Which city do you live in? (City)’

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