How to Build a Successful Team for High Turnover Industries

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It’s Libby here from WootRecruit, your beacon in the stormy seas of high turnover industries like cleaning, lawn care, roofing, and construction. We’re not just another recruitment agency; we’re a tailored program dedicated to transforming recruiting into a powerful engine for growth in the service-based sector.

I recently had an enlightening chat with Matt Green, who’s navigated the choppy waters of a major business pivot with his company, now known as Blue Duck Lawn Care. Matt’s journey from Green’s Lawn Care to Blue Duck is a testament to bold decision-making, shedding old skins, and embracing entirely new services. This drastic change demanded a fresh approach to team building, shedding light on the intricacies of culture, recruiting, and retention.

The Pillars of Successful Team Building

1. Embracing Change and Culture

Matt’s experience underscores a critical lesson: building a successful team is about more than filling positions; it’s about crafting a culture. During his company’s pivot, Matt found that aligning team members with the company’s evolving vision was paramount. This alignment wasn’t just about skill sets but about ensuring the team’s values and the company’s direction were in sync.

2. Transparency in Recruitment

One standout point from our conversation was the importance of transparency throughout the hiring process. Matt emphasized being upfront about the realities of the job to ensure a good fit from the get-go. It’s about painting a realistic picture, warts and all, to prevent mismatches and future turnover.

3. Values and Vision Alignment

Matt and I also touched on the critical role of core values and a shared vision. Companies experiencing high turnover often lack a clear understanding of their identity, which translates into a disjointed team. Establishing and communicating your core values and vision is crucial in attracting and retaining individuals who are not just there for a paycheck but are genuinely invested in the journey.

4. The Power of Reflection and Continuous Learning

Matt’s insight into the necessity of regular reflection and learning resonates deeply, especially in the context of leadership and team dynamics. The idea that “none of us will ever make it” speaks to the constant evolution of business and personal growth. Continuous improvement and the humility to accept that learning never stops are what set apart thriving teams from stagnant ones.


As we wrapped up our discussion, we delved into strategies for fostering a strong team culture, from leveraging social media for engaging recruitment to establishing a clear, compelling vision that resonates with the team. The conversation was a powerful reminder that at the core of every successful business are people — people who believe in the mission, share the values, and are committed to the vision.

Whether you’re navigating a significant pivot like Matt or looking to strengthen your team’s foundation, remember: the heart of your business beats in the chest of your team members. Cultivating a culture that aligns with your business goals, values, and vision isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential.

Thanks for tuning in, and if you’re on the front lines of the high turnover industries, remember, we’re here to help at WootRecruit. Stay tuned for more insights and stories from the field!

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