What Is the Role of Intuition in Business?

Should a Gut Feeling be a Part of Decision Making?

Beth Eldredge from Eldredge Cleaning shared her biggest hiring mistake. She hired someone despite her gut feeling. The candidate seemed qualified, but it ended badly. They had to let go of their entire staff and lost half their revenue. This experience taught Beth the importance of trusting her instincts during the hiring process. Ignoring gut feelings can lead to serious problems. You can read more about avoiding hiring mistakes here.

Intuition Does Have Place in Your Hiring

Beth revamped her hiring process. She focused on better defining roles and understanding core values. Her husband Walter also started spending more time on interviews. This helped them find candidates who fit their company culture. It made a big difference in their business. They now hire people who align with their values. This change has led to better hires and a stronger team.

The Role of Feedback

Beth emphasized the importance of feedback. Their office manager meets regularly with techs for feedback. Walter works closely with trainers and deep clean specialists. Their feedback is critical. This process has helped them improve their training and onboarding while keeping an honest conversation. It ensures everyone is aligned with the company’s goals.

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