Building a Strong Employer Brand for Effective Recruitment

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Welcome back, I’m Libby DeLucien, your go-to recruiter for high turnover industries like lawn care, cleaning, construction, and roofing. At WootRecruit, we specialize in service-based businesses, turning recruitment into a growth engine.

Today, we have a special guest – Drew Larison, founder and CEO of Larison Media, a marketing agency partnering with small businesses to amplify their impact. In this post, we’ll dive into the importance of employer branding and how it influences successful recruitment.

Understanding Brand vs. Employer Brand:

Key distinctions between brand, marketing, and advertising were discussed. While advertising is the short-term game, and marketing concentrates on overall brand improvement, branding is the ultimate goal. It transcends mere logos and colors; it revolves around the emotions tied to a company’s name. In the realm of recruitment, it’s essential to contemplate not only how customers perceive your brand but also how potential employees perceive it.

The Significance of Employer Brand:

We emphasize that an employer brand is what potential candidates think about a company when considering employment. It encapsulates the emotions triggered when they encounter job postings or hear the company’s name. Similar to how businesses prioritize their brand for customers, equal attention should be given to what prospective employees feel when interacting with job opportunities.

Why Employer Brand Matters:

Modern job seekers are motivated by more than just a paycheck; they are searching for a sense of purpose and fulfillment. The importance of aligning a brand with a deeper purpose is highlighted, urging companies to move beyond showcasing what they do and focus on why they do it. This approach fosters a connection that resonates with potential candidates on a personal level.

Tips for Building a Strong Employer Brand:

1. Document and Share Behind-the-Scenes: Reveal the human side of your company through behind-the-scenes content to help candidates connect emotionally. This could involve sharing moments like staff outings, celebrations, or even simple gestures like birthday posts.

2. Highlight Employee Testimonials: Much like customer testimonials build trust in services, employee testimonials can attract top talent. Share stories of content and fulfilled employees who love their jobs.

3. Define Your “Why”: Clearly articulate your company’s purpose, values, and mission. This serves as your guiding North Star, not only for your business but also for attracting candidates who resonate with your deeper purpose.

4. Be Transparent About Culture: Transparency is crucial. Openly share your company’s culture, including values, expectations, and growth opportunities. This aids candidates in making informed decisions aligned with their personal and professional goals.

5. Utilize Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs): PIPs need not be intimidating; they can be constructive conversations that help employees understand areas for improvement. Clear communication ensures everyone is on the same page, reducing surprises during performance evaluations.


In the competitive landscape of recruitment, building a strong employer brand is not merely an option; it’s a necessity. Companies that invest in a positive and purpose-driven employer brand attract not only top talent but individuals who align with the company’s values. As you navigate the recruitment journey, remember the influential role your brand plays in shaping not only customer perceptions but also the experiences of potential employees.

We extend thanks to Drew for being part of this conversation. Stressing the significance of open communication, especially when facing tough discussions, is crucial. Despite the initial difficulty, the lasting benefits make it worthwhile. Visit the WootRecruit YouTube channel for more insights.

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