Benefits of Recruiting in The Holiday Season

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In my last video, we dived into the challenges of December recruiting for service-based industries. Today, let’s flip the script and explore how this seemingly daunting season can actually work in our favor.

The Season of Distraction and Separation

December is often considered a season of distraction, where some business owners get caught up in holiday festivities and postpone everything until the new year. However, as my mentor Dan Martell wisely puts it, it’s also a “season of separation” among business owners. There are those who get a jumpstart on the new year, and this happens twice annually. Now, let’s see how this season can be advantageous for us.

Benefits of Recruiting Through the Holidays

  1. Less Competition: Many businesses hit pause on ads and recruitment during the holidays, resulting in a less competitive landscape. This means you can snag top-tier talent with less effort.
  2. Increased Availability: Due to slowdowns in certain industries, potential candidates may have more free time to explore job opportunities. December could be the perfect time to attract talent that is currently underutilized or seeking new opportunities.

The Opportunity for Networking

Seasonal Events, Holiday parties and gatherings are ideal for networking and meeting potential candidates. Whether you host a party or attend others, use these events to mingle and connect with talent.

End-of-Year Reflections and Recruiting Success

  1. Reflecting on Current Roles: As the year winds down, many candidates reflect on their current roles and contemplate changes. This period could be the perfect window to attract individuals considering a shift.
  2. Continuous Recruitment: Instead of succumbing to the idea of pausing recruitment until the new year, consider the span between Christmas and New Year’s as a prime opportunity to continue recruiting.

Embrace the Season of Separation

So, are you going to be the business that coasts through the holidays, or the one that strategically positions itself ahead of the competition? In high-turnover industries like lawn care and cleaning, seizing the opportunity to recruit during December can set you apart.

Remember, doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is a common pitfall. Take a different approach, recruit earlier, and beat your competitors to the talent pool. It’s time to grow and scale in a way that stands out.

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