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Setting up Call Routing for 3CX Users

Setting Up Call Routing in 3CX

Efficiently manage your call routing by following these straightforward steps in the 3CX admin portal. This playbook is your quick guide to setting up call queues and assigning agents to SMS and call queues.

Accessing the Admin Portal:

  • Login: Access the 3CX Management Console using your admin credentials.

Navigating Call Queues:

  • Locate Queues: In the Management Console, select the ‘Call Queues’ option from the right-hand side panel.
  • View Queues: Here, you’ll find all configured call queues, including specialized ones for SMS.

Adding Agents to Queues:

  • Select Queue: Choose a queue, for example, ‘Queue SMS’ for SMS capabilities.
  • Manage Agents: Click on ‘Agents’ sub-tab within your selected queue.
  • Add Agent:
    • Click the ‘Add’ button.
    • Select individuals needing access to either SMS or call functionalities.
    • Confirm selections by clicking ‘OK’.

Finalizing Setup:

  • Verify Configuration: Ensure all settings are correct and that all necessary agents are added to their respective queues.
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