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WootRecruit SCALE Plan

WootRecruit SCALE Plan

SCALE Plan: Comprehensive Recruitment for Multiple Positions – $599/Month

At WootRecruit, we’re more than just a software – we’re a recruitment revolution. Our program is exclusively designed for service-based businesses, offering a unique blend of technology and strategy to scale your operations and foster growth. We stand out from typical recruitment solutions by delivering a comprehensive and proven process.

The SCALE Plan by WootRecruit is specifically designed for businesses that are in a phase of dynamic growth, consistently hiring for multiple positions. For $599 per month, with a one-time setup fee of $1,500, this plan provides an extensive recruitment toolkit to efficiently scale your team.

Key Features of the SCALE Plan:

  • Three Hub Users: Expand your recruitment team’s capabilities with access to our advanced recruitment hub.
  • Dual Position Recruitment: Dedicated support for hiring across two different positions, maximizing your reach and efficiency.
  • Senior Account Management: Benefit from enhanced, expert guidance tailored to your specific recruitment needs.
    • Adjust/Optimize Indeed
    • Performance and Budget Review
    • Market Analysis  
    • Keeping pace with the demand that’s needed
    • Calendar Maintenance
  • Your Brand, Your Domain: Host the recruitment system on your own domain for a seamless brand experience.
    • Exclusively Highlight your Brand to Applicants
  • Optimized Application Funnels: Engage potential candidates with high-converting funnels for each position.
    • Designed with Applicant-Experience in Mind
    • Video-Guided Applicant Experience
  • Streamlined Automations & Workflows: Leverage pre-built systems for a more efficient recruitment process.
    • Automated Interview Scheduling
    • Built-In Calendar
    • Dozens of daily tasks already automated
    • Done-For-You Email and SMS Templates
    • Simplify every aspect of recruiting
  • Dedicated Local Phone Number: Maintain professionalism and organization in applicant communications.
    • Keeps applicants separate from your customer-facing
  • Custom HR Drive Forms: Edited-able forms to facilitate your recruitment documentation.
  • Two Enhanced Job Ad Creation Tools: Double the capacity to craft effective and appealing job ads.
  • Dual Market Analysis: Gain twice the market insights to stay ahead in your industry.
  • Proven Practices: Monthly training on the trusted WootRecruit practices that focus on leveraging applicant time for business growth.
  • Focused Strategy: Targeted recruitment for one location in a single market for optimal results.
  • Flexible Position Rotation: Ability to rotate positions as needed (additional setup fees apply).

Plan Adjustments:

  • Easy Upgrades: Adapt your plan at any time to align with your evolving business needs.
  • Downgrades: Flexibility to scale down 2 months after your initial purchase.

Billing Information:

  • Initial Setup Fee: A one-time fee of $1,500 is required upfront to start your SCALE journey.
  • Monthly Billing: Regular billing starts between 7 to 14 days post-purchase, giving you a comfortable window to integrate our services.

With the SCALE Plan, transform your recruitment process into a powerhouse of efficiency and effectiveness. Join WootRecruit now and start building a robust team to drive your business forward!

We’re redefining recruitment for the service industry.

We go beyond traditional software, offering a program that’s proven to scale businesses effectively.

What You’re Investing In:

  1. Service: Our account management team works closely with you, ensuring personalized service.
  2. The Hub: Our innovative tool that drives speed and efficiency in the recruitment process.
  3. Proven Practices: Adopt practices trusted by over 500 companies. Designed to save time and money, these practices focus on leveraging applicant time for business growth.

Why WootRecruit?

  1. Tailored for Service-Based Industries: The First-Ever Recruitment Program Tailored Exclusively for the Service-Based Industry.
  2. More Than Filling Positions: It’s about enabling consistent growth and operational success.
  3. Applicant-Focused: Our methods are unconventional since they’re designed with the applicant in mind, but they’re the most effective for growth-minded companies looking for scalable systems.

**Note: It’s important to adhere to our process for optimal results, as deviating from it may affect the effectiveness of our system.**

Redefine Your Recruitment. Scale Your Business. Choose WootRecruit.