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WootRecruit GROW Plan

WootRecruit GROW Plan

GROW Plan: Tailored Recruitment for Constant Hiring Needs – $399/Month

At WootRecruit, we’re more than just a software – we’re a recruitment revolution. Our program is exclusively designed for service-based businesses, offering a unique blend of technology and strategy to scale your operations and foster growth. We stand out from typical recruitment solutions by delivering a comprehensive and proven process.

The GROW Plan from WootRecruit is your ideal solution for continuous recruitment for a core position in your company. Priced at just $399 per month with a one-time setup fee of $1,000, this plan is crafted to streamline your hiring process and expand your team’s capabilities.

What You Get with the GROW Plan:

  • Two Hub Users: Empower your recruitment team with access to our innovative hub.
  • Single Position Focus: Specialized recruitment support for one key position, ensuring quality and consistency in your hiring.
  • Comprehensive Account Management: Our experts manage your recruitment needs, from start to finish.
    • Adjust/Optimize Indeed
    • Performance and Budget Review
    • Market Analysis
    • Keeping pace with the demand that’s needed
    • Calendar Maintenance
  • Branded Experience: Your recruitment funnels, hosted on your own domain, reflects your company’s brand.
    • Exclusively Highlight your Brand to Applicants
  • High-Converting Application Funnel: Attract top talent with our effective and engaging application process.
    • Designed with Applicant-Experience in Mind
    • Video-Guided Applicant Experience
  • Efficient Automations and Workflows: Save time with pre-built systems designed for recruitment efficiency.
    • Automated Interview Scheduling
    • Built-In Calendar
    • Dozens of daily tasks already automated
    • Done-For-You Email and SMS Templates
    • Simplify every aspect of recruiting
  • Dedicated Local Number for Applicants: Keep your applicant communication organized and professional.
    • Keeps applicants separate from your customer-facing
  • Customizable Forms: Editable HR Drive forms to streamline your recruitment documentation.
  • Effective Job Ad Creation Tool: Craft compelling job ads that attract the right candidates.
  • In-Depth Market Analysis: Stay ahead in your industry with regular market insights.
  • Proven Practices: Monthly training on the trusted WootRecruit practices that focus on leveraging applicant time for business growth.
  • Focused Recruitment: Target one location in a single market for precise and effective hiring.

Flexible Upgrade/Downgrade Options:

  • Upgrade Anytime: Adapt the plan to your growing needs whenever required.
  • Downgrade: Flexibility to scale down your plan 2 months post-purchase.

Billing Details:

  • Upfront Setup Fee: A one-time setup fee of $1,000 is payable upfront to kickstart your tailored recruitment journey.
  • Monthly Billing: Regular billing starts 7 days after your purchase, ensuring you have time to settle in with our services.

Elevate your recruitment process with the GROW Plan and consistently find the best talent for your core position. Join WootRecruit today and start building your team with precision and ease!

We’re redefining recruitment for the service industry.

We go beyond traditional software, offering a program that’s proven to scale businesses effectively.

What You’re Investing In:

  1. Service: Our account management team works closely with you, ensuring personalized service.
  2. The Hub: Our innovative tool that drives speed and efficiency in the recruitment process.
  3. Proven Practices: Adopt practices trusted by over 500 companies. Designed to save time and money, these practices focus on leveraging applicant time for business growth.

Why WootRecruit?

  1. Tailored for Service-Based Industries: The First-Ever Recruitment Program Tailored Exclusively for the Service-Based Industry.
  2. More Than Filling Positions: It’s about enabling consistent growth and operational success.
  3. Applicant-Focused: Our methods are unconventional since they’re designed with the applicant in mind, but they’re the most effective for growth-minded companies looking for scalable systems.

**Note: It’s important to adhere to our process for optimal results, as deviating from it may affect the effectiveness of our system.**

Redefine Your Recruitment. Scale Your Business. Choose WootRecruit.