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Preloading Credit System

Preloading Credit System

Preloading Credit System

To ensure uninterrupted service and to assist you in maintaining your recruitment momentum, we introduce our Preloading Credit System.

Here’s how it works:
We automatically preload/charge your account with a specified amount of credits. This amount will sit in your account ready for use, acting as a buffer so your recruitment processes never have to skip a beat. The current default for preloaded credits are set at $25.

Remember, this preloaded amount is added to your account, and your usage is drawn from it throughout the month— Preloaded credits are not the amount you have spent, but an amount that is ready and waiting to be used when you need it. The credits you load onto your account will remain there and will not disappear from month to month unless they are used, but an amount that is ready and waiting to be used when you need it.

With this credit system, you have the convenience and the peace of mind knowing that your services will continue uninterrupted, without needing to constantly monitor your balance.

Pricing Breakdown

Initial Cost:

  • A2P Campaign Registration Fee: $21.50 (subject to change by governing authorities)

Basic Monthly Cost:

  • Phone Number: $1.50
Additional Usage Costs:
Managed Accounts (Non Managed):
  • Making Calls: $0.0182/min ($0.028/min)
  • Receiving Calls: $0.0111/min ($0.017/min)
  • Text Messages: $0.0103/segment ($0.0158/segment)
    • Carrier fees per segment: Does not include media: MMS.
      • (In addition to text segment cost)
      • At&t: $0.0020
      • T-Mobile: $0.003
      • Verizon: $0.003
      • US Cellular: $0.005
      • All other: $0.0025
  • Emails: $0.0009/Email ($0.0014/Email)
  • Email Verification: $0.0033/EmailVerification ($0.005/EmailVerification)

Examples and Case Studies

Examples Of What Your Dollars Get You:
$10 can secure you any of the following:
(Does not include carrier fees)

  • 11,110 emails
  • 550 minutes of outbound calls
  • 900 minutes of inbound calls
  • 970 text segments

Case Study (Month):

Example 1: Healthy Volume
    • Slightly above average volume
    • about $20 p/mo total
    • Engages often with applicants
    • Avg Weekly Scheduled Interviews: 25
Example 2: Extremely High Volume
    • Significantly above average volume
    • about $55 p/mo total
    • Doesn’t engage with applicants
    • Avg Weekly Scheduled Interviews: 80
Example 3: Low Volume
    • Slightly below average volume
    • about $13 p/mo total
    • Doesn’t engage with applicants
    • Avg Weekly Scheduled Interviews: 15

*Case study numbers are situational and in no way determine exact costs – the amount will fluctuate month to month based on usage and other variables

A2P Registration

In compliance with industry standards, we’ve incorporated A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging to enhance the security and reliability of our SMS services.

What is it?
A2P registration involves registering your business and campaign information with carriers to facilitate better delivery rates and ensure legitimate use of the messaging platform. Without successful A2P Registration, you will be unable to send SMS messages through the platform, including any automations or notification reminders which are sent via SMS.

What are the benefits?
Improved Delivery Rates: Experience fewer message blocks and enjoy higher delivery rates.

Enhanced Trust: Carriers and members are assured that messages are coming from a verified business, fostering trust and engagement.

Enables 2-way communication: Allows you and your recipients to communicate directly, providing real-time interaction and enhancing the overall communication experience, which is invaluable for promoting a deeper connection.

Better Branding: Have your business name displayed as the sender to reinforce your brand with each message sent.

There is a one-time setup fee to handle the registration process on your behalf and maintain compliance with carrier regulations. The exact cost will be communicated to you during the A2P Registration process, as it can vary based on various factors. This is to ensure we tailor the setup to best suit your business needs and budget. (As of December 2023, a one time $21.50 registration fee)

Given these implications, we exercise caution and typically advise against this approach for businesses aiming to uphold high engagement standards with their applicants.