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Discipline and Termination

If there is an issue with a team member like quality, attitude, client complaints, tardiness, etc, it needs to be addressed with them as soon as you can.

  • Can be in person, or a phone call if in-person cannot happen right away. (prefer in person whenever possible) but NOT over Slack,
  • Talk through the issue with them. Ask them questions, “Are you doing ok?”, “Is there something you would like to talk about?”, “Do you have an idea of why I wanted to talk?”
  • These help get an idea of what is going on in their lives that might be effecting their work.
  • Really listen here, this is less about telling them they are wrong and more about how to be there to help them be better
  • “That makes sense, I think we’ve notices some issues with ****** because of those, what do you think would help you right now?”
  • Work on them coming up with the solution for the problem.
  • If they don’t come up with anything start proposing ideas as questions
  • “Would you be ok with us doing more review/account checks”
  • “Do you think more messages from us throughout the day would be helpful?
  • etc.
  • After a good conversation that establishes action points with them, establish a time frame that you need to see improvements and what improvements look like
    • Passed QCs,
    • No complaints from other team members
    • No customer complaints
    • Things like that
  • If it gets worse or there is no improvement – it is time to start talking termination
  • This is when the “I’m not sure this is the right job for you conversations comes in
  • Come from a place of “this is what would be best for you”
  • “I think this is harder on you than it is on us”
  • “Want things to be easier for you”
  • Give another time frame – usually like 1 – 2 days to show improvement
  • They will either push hard and show major improvement or they quit – almost never have to actually fire anyone.


  • Don’t bargain – “Well what if I do this?” – Your reply is “Our decision is final”
  • Don’t defend – “I understand why you feel that way, and hope the best for you” – Don’t keep bringing up what they are doing wrong
  • Be understanding.
  • Start with “It time to end our working relationship”
  • Don’t drag it out
  • “We don’t believe this is the right job for you because we haven’t seen the improvement we needed to see on **insert their issue here**
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