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WootRecruit Seasonal Freeze Plan

WootRecruit Seasonal Freeze Plan

Plan Description:

At WootRecruit, we understand that your recruiting needs may vary with the seasons. That’s why we offer a convenient Seasonal Freeze Plan, designed specifically for businesses operating in seasonal industries. Our Freeze Plan allows you to temporarily suspend your regular subscription while maintaining your account’s data and preferences intact.

Key Features:

  • Monthly Fee: A minimal fee of $99 per month during the freeze period.
  • No Setup Fee on Return: Reactivate your full subscription without the standard setup fee of $1,000.
  • Data Preservation: Keep your account data and settings safe during the freeze period.
    • Applications
    • Domain Name
    • Phone/Text Number
    • Candidates Contact Information

Policies for Freeze Plan

  1. Eligibility and Activation:
    • Eligible for members who have been active for a minimum of 2 months.
    • Activation of the freeze plan can be requested via form submission.
  2. Duration:
    • Minimum freeze period: None
    • Maximum freeze period of 4 months within a 12-month cycle.
  3. Billing:
    • Monthly freeze fee billed at the beginning of each month.
    • Member is subject to new pricing plans or pricing increases that occured while in the freeze plan when reactivated.
    • Regular billing resumes immediately upon reactivation, charging the full subscription fee.
  4. Reactivation:
    • Members can reactivate their full subscription at any time.
    • Reactivation will result in the immediate charge of the full subscription fee.
  5. Data and Settings:
    • All data and settings will be securely stored during the freeze period.
    • Full access to data is restored upon reactivation.
  6. Changes to Plan:
    • WootRecruit reserves the right to modify or discontinue the freeze plan with prior notice.

Terms and Conditions for Freeze Plan

  1. Service Limitations: During the freeze period, access to application funnels, features and other services will be limited or unavailable.
  2. Automatic Reactivation: Unless a request for extension is received, accounts will automatically reactivate and resume regular billing after the agreed freeze period.
  3. Account Status: Accounts must be in good standing with no outstanding payments to be eligible for the freeze plan.
  4. Cancellation: Members can choose to cancel their subscription during the freeze period. Standard cancellation policies apply.
  5. Pricing: Member is subject to new pricing plans or pricing increases that occured while in the freeze plan when reactivated.
  6. Agreement: By opting for the freeze plan, members agree to the terms and conditions set forth by WootRecruit.

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