Additional Services

At WootRecruit, we understand that every business has unique needs beyond our core offerings. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the following additional services to cater to your specific requirements. We offer a range of additional services to meet your unique needs. Please note that any build or request outside of our core setup will incur additional costs.

Below are the additional services available:

  1. Bypassing Calendar
    • Disable the auto scheduling feature.
  2. Phone Screening
    • Want to do phone screening over the phone. This would bypass interviewing an in-person
  3. Transition to Zoom/Phone Interviews
    • Switch from in-person to Zoom or phone interviews.
  4. Modification of Template
    • Customize your own communication templates.
  5. Incorporating Second Interview/Working Interview
  6. Additional Onboarding Time
  7. Training a New Hiring Manager (Training videos are available at no cost)
  8. Additional Request For Focus Meetings
    • This is beyond what is included with your subscription
    • Grow includes 2 per month
    • Scale includes 4 per month
  9. Additional positions
    1. View our WootShop for a list of Positions:
  10. Additional 1-2-1 training for new office employees.(Training videos are available at no cost)

  11. Integrations

    • BambooHR
    • Jobber
    • Etc
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