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Proper Tech Request Pipeline Management

Here’s how to manage the tech request pipeline effectively:

  • Set Priorities:
    • Identify and prioritize high-priority requests.
    • Address requests that have been open the longest to prevent backlog.
  • Process Steps:
    • Select the Request: Move it to the “In Progress” stage.
    • Update Status: Open the request, add a note, and tag the ticket owner.
    • Communicate: Inform the ticket owner that work is underway and discuss any follow-up items.
    • Maintain Communication: Keep the conversation thread active through inbox notifications.
  • Managing Progress:
    • In Progress: Move requests to the appropriate column based on their status:
      • Waiting on Others: If pending further action from others.
      • Stuck: If facing significant issues, add detailed notes.
    • Completion: Drag requests to the “Completed” stage when done.
    • Archiving: Move irrelevant or outdated requests to the “Archive” stage to clear the pipeline.
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