Introducing LEARN+

(Our new Hosted-Only Plan)

At WootRecruit, we’re always striving to provide solutions tailored to the unique needs of every business. Understanding that not every company requires hands-on management, we’re excited to present our latest offering: the Hosted-Only Plan.

What is the LEARN+ (Hosted-Only Plan)?

This is a plan specifically designed for companies that are proactive and prefer to take charge of their own recruiting processes. With this plan, you’ll receive:

  • A custom recruiting website exclusively for your company.
  • Full hosting services, ensuring that your website remains live, functional, and running smoothly.
  • Built in automations
  • Site Updates
  • Add-ons (extras like automation sequence can be purchased)
  • Everything in the LEARN plan is included

What’s Not Included?

  • Dedicated Account Management: This plan is ideal for businesses that are equipped to manage their own recruiting without the need for an account manager.
  • Hands-on Support for Non-Technical Issues: While we are always here to address and promptly resolve any technical problems you may face with your site, our team won’t provide guidance on recruitment strategies, Indeed posting, content updates, or other non-technical aspects under this plan.
  • Indeed: This plan does not support Indeed functionalities.
  • Calendar: This plan does not include support for adjustments to any calendars or calendar tools
  • Phone and Zoom Support: Our support for this plan is available exclusively via email.
  • Open Enrollment: This offering is available only to our current customers, ensuring a seamless experience for those already familiar with WootRecruit’s ecosystem.

Why Choose the LEARN+ (Hosted-Only Plan)?

  • Affordability: Get access to our top-tier recruiting platform without the additional cost of account management.
  • Flexibility: Handle your recruiting processes at your own pace, on your own terms.
  • Tech Assurance: Even though it’s a self-managed solution, we’ve got your back when it comes to ensuring that the site runs flawlessly.

If you’re an existing customer looking to have an efficient recruitment process on a budget, and you’re ready to take the reins, our Hosted-Only Plan might just be the perfect fit for you. Dive into the future of recruiting with WootRecruit!

$199 a month (regardless of current active jobs)