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“It doesn’t matter how dirty it is but rather how clean it can be!”

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Operate constantly in accordance with the best and fully accepted ethical business practices
Work to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of clients.
Provide courteous and prompt handling of all requests and complaints.
Strive for the continued improvement of the image and reputation of the company by good business practices
Be punctual on the day & time scheduled
Work efficiently & clean thoroughly
Leave things in the place they were originally found
Accept responsibility for accidents
Remember the techniques taught will always produce the best results
Take pride in your work

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Can I go and apply in person?

No need to. You can just submit the form online!

Are you currently hiring?

We are always looking for great people. But hurry as you reach each step as our job openings fill fast and you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity!

What if I already applied and haven’t heard back?

Don’t worry, your application is being processed. Give our staff some time to look over your information. You will be contacted if they decide to take your application to the next step in the process.

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